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Banks Power 17+ Ford F250/F350 SRW Dana M275 Differential Cover Kit

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The All-New Patented Banks Ram-Air Differential Cover WIPES OUT THE COMPETITION! When it comes to product development, we only make products that increase performance and beat the competition. So when we tested the popular Diff Covers on the market, we were shocked to find out that they actually hurt performance. This lead to the development of something so New and Incredible that our performance design has a United States Patent. Look, when we set out to build a product for your vehicle, we only engineer the best. What else would you expect from a company with a winning legacy that spans decades! We are here to win, and we just did (AGAIN) in a huge way. US Patent #10,443,705 Ram-Air Differential Cover Kit, Black Ops, w/Hardware for 2017+ Ford F250 HD Tow Pkg and F350 SRW, with Dana M275 Rear Axle Patented design cools 5X better than flat-backs Banks Ram-Air differential cover extends lubrication life and retains fuel economy. Thanks to its superior fluid and aerodynamics, the Ram-Air Cover out-performs stock and flat-back high-capacity covers and does so with less lubricant. Increased distance between service intervals and less lubricant means you'll save money while extending gear life. Fitment: FordF-250 Super DutyKing Ranch2017 FordF-250 Super DutyKing Ranch2018 FordF-250 Super DutyKing Ranch2019 FordF-250 Super DutyKing Ranch2020 FordF-250 Super DutyKing Ranch2021 FordF-250 Super DutyLariat2017 FordF-250 Super DutyLariat2018 FordF-250 Super DutyLariat2019 FordF-250 Super DutyLariat2020 FordF-250 Super DutyLariat2021 FordF-250 Super DutyLimited2018 FordF-250 Super DutyLimited2019 FordF-250 Super DutyLimited2020 FordF-250 Super DutyLimited2021 FordF-250 Super DutyPlatinum2017 FordF-250 Super DutyPlatinum2018 FordF-250 Super DutyPlatinum2019 FordF-250 Super DutyPlatinum2020 FordF-250 Super DutyPlatinum2021 FordF-250 Super DutyXL2017 FordF-250 Super DutyXL2018 FordF-250 Super DutyXL2019 FordF-250 Super DutyXL2020 FordF-250 Super DutyXL2021 FordF-250 Super DutyXLT2017 FordF-250 Super DutyXLT2018 FordF-250 Super DutyXLT2019 FordF-250 Super DutyXLT2020 FordF-250 Super DutyXLT2021 FordF-350 Super DutyKing Ranch2017 FordF-350 Super DutyKing Ranch2018 FordF-350 Super DutyKing Ranch2019 FordF-350 Super DutyKing Ranch2020 FordF-350 Super DutyKing Ranch2021 FordF-350 Super DutyLariat2017 FordF-350 Super DutyLariat2018 FordF-350 Super DutyLariat2019 FordF-350 Super DutyLariat2020 FordF-350 Super DutyLariat2021 FordF-350 Super DutyLimited2018 FordF-350 Super DutyLimited2019 FordF-350 Super DutyLimited2020 FordF-350 Super DutyLimited2021 FordF-350 Super DutyPlatinum2017 FordF-350 Super DutyPlatinum2018 FordF-350 Super DutyPlatinum2019 FordF-350 Super DutyPlatinum2020 FordF-350 Super DutyPlatinum2021 FordF-350 Super DutyXL2017 FordF-350 Super DutyXL2018 FordF-350 Super DutyXL2019 FordF-350 Super DutyXL2020 FordF-350 Super DutyXL2021 FordF-350 Super DutyXLT2017 FordF-350 Super DutyXLT2018 FordF-350 Super DutyXLT2019 FordF-350 Super DutyXLT2020 FordF-350 Super DutyXLT2021

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