AMS Performance 08-15 Mitsubishi EVO X CNC Machined Aluminum Fuel Rail w/Pulsation Dampener - Black

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The AMS EVO X Fuel Rail provides increased fuel flow which is necessary at higher boost levels. This CNC?d aluminum rail comes anodized in Red or Black and includes our signature AMS logo. With a -6AN (7.5 mm) diameter inlet and outlet it dwarfs the stock rail by over 25% in flow area. This is true bolt on part that will install with your factory fuel lines, fuel pressure regulator and will work with all factory style fuel injectors. AMS EVO X CNC machined Aluminum Fuel Rail with Pulsation Dampener - Black. Mitsubishi Evolution 10 GSR and MR, Fits all USDM, JDM and European Models Fitment: MitsubishiLancerEvolution Final Edition2015 MitsubishiLancerEvolution GSR2008 MitsubishiLancerEvolution GSR2010 MitsubishiLancerEvolution GSR2011 MitsubishiLancerEvolution GSR2012 MitsubishiLancerEvolution GSR2013 MitsubishiLancerEvolution GSR2014 MitsubishiLancerEvolution GSR2015 MitsubishiLancerEvolution MR2008 MitsubishiLancerEvolution MR2010 MitsubishiLancerEvolution MR2011 MitsubishiLancerEvolution MR2012 MitsubishiLancerEvolution MR2013 MitsubishiLancerEvolution MR2014 MitsubishiLancerEvolution MR2015 MitsubishiLancerEvolution MR Touring2010 MitsubishiLancerEvolution MR Touring2011 MitsubishiLancerEvolution SE2010

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