aFe Momentum GT PRO DRY S Intake System 2020 GM Diesel Trucks 2500/3500 V8-6.6L (L5P)

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Momentum*s unique filter-to-housing interface was built to feature the largest air filter possible. This 9* tall 360-degree radial flow air filter features a 5-1/2" flange and our oil-free Pro DRY S media with three layers of synthetic media for maximum convenience. Its progressive layering provides great filtration efficiency and dust holding capacity, while not requiring the use of oils. This media is best suited for street use. Its inverted top makes for more filter surface area, resulting in longer service intervals, while reinforced metal provides maximum strength to prevent filter collapse. Momentum*s innovative filter-to-housing interface was built to feature the largest air filter possible. Once the system is installed, the air filter can be easily removed from the housing for maintenance by only uninstalling the intake tube. The smooth one-piece sealed housing, constructed of heat-resistant cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE), features our patented (US PAT 9440175) filter-to-housing interface. Its innovative design minimizes the total number of parts, making for an easy installation. A large, clear sight window allows for hassle-free filter inspection, without having to disassemble your system. The housing incorporates factory air scoop inlets, using no additional hardware, and features an optional auxiliary air inlet that pulls in additional air. This system features a high quality, computer-designed, dyno-tuned intake tube to achieve maximum power gains while maintaining a perfect fit. Its XLPE material is heat soak resistant and extremely durable. Stainless-steel T-bolt clamps and a silicone reinforced coupling are used for strength and durability. Momentum HD intakes are designed with fewer parts for a fast and easy installation. Momentum HD Cold Air Intake System w/ Pro DRY S Media GM Diesel Trucks 2020 V8-6.6L (td) L5P GM Diesel Trucks 2020 V8-6.6L (td) L5P Fitment: ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDCustom2021 ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDHigh Country2020 ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDHigh Country2021 ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDLT2020 ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDLT2021 ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDLTZ2020 ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDLTZ2021 ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDWT2020 ChevroletSilverado 2500 HDWT2021 ChevroletSilverado 3500 HDHigh Country2020 ChevroletSilverado 3500 HDHigh Country2021 ChevroletSilverado 3500 HDLT2020 ChevroletSilverado 3500 HDLT2021 ChevroletSilverado 3500 HDLTZ2020 ChevroletSilverado 3500 HDLTZ2021 ChevroletSilverado 3500 HDWT2020 ChevroletSilverado 3500 HDWT2021 GMCSierra 2500 HDBase2020 GMCSierra 2500 HDBase2021 GMCSierra 2500 HDDenali2020 GMCSierra 2500 HDDenali2021 GMCSierra 2500 HDSLE2020 GMCSierra 2500 HDSLE2021 GMCSierra 2500 HDSLT2020 GMCSierra 2500 HDSLT2021 GMCSierra 3500 HDBase2020 GMCSierra 3500 HDBase2021 GMCSierra 3500 HDDenali2020 GMCSierra 3500 HDDenali2021 GMCSierra 3500 HDSLE2020 GMCSierra 3500 HDSLE2021 GMCSierra 3500 HDSLT2020 GMCSierra 3500 HDSLT2021

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