aFe MagnumFORCE Intakes Stage-2 P5R Carbon Fiber AIS 11-17 Dodge Challenger/Charger V8-5.7L Hemi

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6" Flange Massive Air Filter: This intake system utilizes a pre-oiled, 8" tall inverted top conical 360 degree radial flow performance air filter with 5-layers of progressive finer mesh cotton media providing maximum airflow and performance. Dyno-Tuned Carbon Fiber Intake Tube: Lightweight, high gloss, clear-coated twill weave carbon fiber tube to achieve maximum power gains while maintaining a perfect fit. One-Piece Heat Shield: Lightweight aluminum Powder-coated black One-piece Heat Shield blocks performance-robbing engine heat. This heat shield requires no assembly and uses factory mounting locations for fast and easy installation. Hassle-Free Installation: All clamps, reinforced coupling and hardware are included for hassle-free installation. This is a direct bolt-on kit that requires no cutting or drilling on OEM parts. Note: This product is not currently CARB exempt and is not available for sale in California or for use on any vehicle registered with the California Department of Motor Vehicle. Track Series Stage-2 Carbon Fiber Intake System w/ Pro 5R Media Dodge Challenger/Charger/Chrysler 300C 11-19 V8-5.7L HEMI Dodge Challenger/Charger/Chrysler 300C 11-18 V8-5.7L HEMI Fitment: Chrysler300C2011 Chrysler300C2012 Chrysler300C2013 Chrysler300C2014 Chrysler300C2015 Chrysler300C2016 Chrysler300C2017 Chrysler300C2018 Chrysler300C2019 Chrysler300C2020 Chrysler300C Luxury2012 Chrysler300C Luxury2013 Chrysler300C Luxury2014 Chrysler300C Platinum2015 Chrysler300C Platinum2016 Chrysler300C Platinum2017 Chrysler300Limited2018 Chrysler300S2012 Chrysler300S2013 Chrysler300S2014 Chrysler300S2015 Chrysler300S2016 Chrysler300S2017 Chrysler300S2018 Chrysler300S2019 Chrysler300S2020 Chrysler300S2021 DodgeChallengerR/T2011 DodgeChallengerR/T2012 DodgeChallengerR/T2013 DodgeChallengerR/T2014 DodgeChallengerR/T2015 DodgeChallengerR/T2016 DodgeChallengerR/T2017 DodgeChallengerR/T2018 DodgeChallengerR/T2019 DodgeChallengerR/T2020 DodgeChallengerR/T2021 DodgeChallengerR/T Classic2012 DodgeChallengerR/T Plus2015 DodgeChallengerR/T Plus2016 DodgeChallengerR/T Plus Shaker2016 DodgeChallengerR/T Shaker2016 DodgeChallengerT/A2017 DodgeChallengerT/A2018 DodgeChargerDaytona2017 DodgeChargerDaytona2018 DodgeChargerPursuit2011 DodgeChargerPursuit2012 DodgeChargerPursuit2013 DodgeChargerPursuit2014 DodgeChargerPursuit2015 DodgeChargerPursuit2016 DodgeChargerPursuit2017 DodgeChargerPursuit2018 DodgeChargerPursuit2019 DodgeChargerPursuit2020 DodgeChargerPursuit2021 DodgeChargerR/T2011 DodgeChargerR/T2012 DodgeChargerR/T2013 DodgeChargerR/T2014 DodgeChargerR/T2015 DodgeChargerR/T2016 DodgeChargerR/T2017 DodgeChargerR/T2018 DodgeChargerR/T2019 DodgeChargerR/T2020 DodgeChargerR/T2021 DodgeChargerR/T Road & Track2015 DodgeChargerR/T Road & Track2016 DodgeChargerSE2011 DodgeChargerSE2012 DodgeChargerSE2013

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