aFe MagnumFORCE Intakes Stage-1 P5R AIS P5R BMW 330i (E46) 01-06 L6-3.0L

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Maximum performance within minutes is what this aFe Stage 1 cold air intake system delivers. Enclosed in a durable 16 gauge heat shield; a massive washable/reusable; 360 deg. conical Pro 5R air filter increases airflow resulting in an additional 6 hp; and 7 lbs./ft/ torque. This intake system also features a unique 3-angle adaptor for increased air velocity. The Pro 5R air filter is constructed with 100 percent polyurethane for long life and multiple cleaning cycles. This intake is the easiest intake on the market to install. Simply remove the factory intake and mount the 3-angle adaptor with the air filter to the MAF sensor tube and you are breathing more air and producing more power. Magnum FORCE Stage-1 Cold Air Intake System w/ Pro 5R Media BMW 330i/ci/xi (E46) 01-06 L6-3.0L BMW 330i/ci/xi (E46) 01-06 L6-3.0L Fitment: BMW 325Ci Base 2001 BMW 325Ci Base 2002 BMW 325Ci Base 2003 BMW 325Ci Base 2004 BMW 325Ci Base 2005 BMW 325Ci Base 2006 BMW 325i Base 2001 BMW 325i Base 2002 BMW 325i Base 2003 BMW 325i Base 2004 BMW 325i Base 2005 BMW 325xi Base 2001 BMW 325xi Base 2002 BMW 325xi Base 2003 BMW 325xi Base 2004 BMW 325xi Base 2005 BMW 330Ci Base 2001 BMW 330Ci Base 2002 BMW 330Ci Base 2003 BMW 330Ci Base 2004 BMW 330Ci Base 2005 BMW 330Ci Base 2006 BMW 330i Base 2001 BMW 330i Base 2002 BMW 330i Base 2003 BMW 330i Base 2004 BMW 330i Base 2005 BMW 330i Base 2006 BMW 330xi Base 2001 BMW 330xi Base 2002 BMW 330xi Base 2003 BMW 330xi Base 2004 BMW 330xi Base 2005 BMW 330xi Base 2006 BMW X3 3.0i 2004 BMW X3 3.0i 2005 BMW X3 3.0i 2006

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