aFe LARGE BORE HD 3.5in DPF-Back Alum Exhaust w/Black Tip 2016 GM Colorado/Canyon 2.8L (td)

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Interested in a new exhaust system? Check out the ATLAS DPF-Back exhaust system by aFe. This system is constructed from 5 in. mandrel-bent aluminized steel tubing. Smooth transition bends allow for low turbulence, increasing horsepower, torque and lowering EGTs. Uses high quality band clamps and OE-style bayonet hangers. This unit uses all factory mounting locations to provide a quick, hassle-free installation. ATLAS exhaust systems are the perfect combination of performance, fit and value. All aFe exhaust systems are engineered and manufactured in out Corona, California manufacturing facility. ATLAS 3-1/2 IN Aluminized Steel DPF-Back Exhaust System w/Black Tip GM Colorado/Canyon 16-19 I4-2.8L (td) LWN GM Colorado/Canyon 16-18 I4-2.8L (td) LWN Fitment: ChevroletColoradoLT2016 ChevroletColoradoLT2017 ChevroletColoradoLT2018 ChevroletColoradoLT2019 ChevroletColoradoLT2020 ChevroletColoradoLT2021 ChevroletColoradoLT2022 ChevroletColoradoWT2016 ChevroletColoradoWT2017 ChevroletColoradoWT2018 ChevroletColoradoWT2019 ChevroletColoradoWT2020 ChevroletColoradoWT2021 ChevroletColoradoWT2022 ChevroletColoradoZ712016 ChevroletColoradoZ712017 ChevroletColoradoZ712018 ChevroletColoradoZ712019 ChevroletColoradoZ712020 ChevroletColoradoZ712021 ChevroletColoradoZ712022 ChevroletColoradoZR22017 ChevroletColoradoZR22018 ChevroletColoradoZR22019 ChevroletColoradoZR22020 ChevroletColoradoZR22021 ChevroletColoradoZR22022 GMCCanyonAll Terrain2018 GMCCanyonAll Terrain2019 GMCCanyonAll Terrain2020 GMCCanyonDenali2017 GMCCanyonDenali2018 GMCCanyonDenali2019 GMCCanyonDenali2020 GMCCanyonDenali2021 GMCCanyonDenali2022 GMCCanyonSL2018 GMCCanyonSLE2016 GMCCanyonSLE2017 GMCCanyonSLE2018 GMCCanyonSLE2019 GMCCanyonSLE2020 GMCCanyonSLT2016 GMCCanyonSLT2017 GMCCanyonSLT2018 GMCCanyonSLT2019 GMCCanyonSLT2020

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