aFe Control Control Arm Bushing/Sleeve Set 97-13 Chevrolet Corvette C5/C6 Black

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aFe Control is proud to release the PFADT Series, Poly Control Arm Bushing Kit, for the C5 & C6 Corvette. OE factory bushings are known to deflect more than a ? inch in turns which equates to almost 1 degree of lost camber and unpredictable handling. The aFe Control Poly Control Arm Bushing Kit, will solve this, by virtually eliminating bushing deflection, while still maintaining a quiet, comfortable ride, suitable for street use. The kit includes, light weight, hard anodized 6061 T6 aluminum sleeves, specially grooved, graphite impregnated bushings, snap rings, and all hardware necessary for a complete installation. You will appreciate the 2 piece design allowing for a much easier installation, than 1 piece designs. The aFe Control kit even include s rear, lower shock mounts, setting it apart from the competition. aFe Control PFADT Series Control Arm Bushing Set Chevrolet Corvette (C5/C6) 97-13 Chevrolet Corvette (C5/C6) 97-13 Fitment: ChevroletCorvette4272013 ChevroletCorvette427 Limited Edition Z062008 ChevroletCorvette50th Anniversary Edition2003 ChevroletCorvette50th Anniversary Edition Pace Car2003 ChevroletCorvetteBase1997 ChevroletCorvetteBase1998 ChevroletCorvetteBase1999 ChevroletCorvetteBase2000 ChevroletCorvetteBase2001 ChevroletCorvetteBase2002 ChevroletCorvetteBase2003 ChevroletCorvetteBase2004 ChevroletCorvetteBase2005 ChevroletCorvetteBase2006 ChevroletCorvetteBase2007 ChevroletCorvetteBase2008 ChevroletCorvetteBase2009 ChevroletCorvetteBase2010 ChevroletCorvetteBase2011 ChevroletCorvetteBase2012 ChevroletCorvetteBase2013 ChevroletCorvetteGrand Sport2010 ChevroletCorvetteGrand Sport2011 ChevroletCorvetteGrand Sport2012 ChevroletCorvetteGrand Sport2013 ChevroletCorvetteIndianapolis 500 Pace Car1998 ChevroletCorvetteZ062001 ChevroletCorvetteZ062002 ChevroletCorvetteZ062003 ChevroletCorvetteZ062004 ChevroletCorvetteZ062006 ChevroletCorvetteZ062007 ChevroletCorvetteZ062008 ChevroletCorvetteZ062009 ChevroletCorvetteZ062010 ChevroletCorvetteZ062011 ChevroletCorvetteZ062012 ChevroletCorvetteZ062013 ChevroletCorvetteZR12009 ChevroletCorvetteZR12010 ChevroletCorvetteZR12011 ChevroletCorvetteZR12012 ChevroletCorvetteZR12013

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