aFe 13-18 Dodge L6 6.7L Diesel Trucks MagnumFORCE Stage-2 Intake Pro 5R Filter

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Emission Disclaimer: This product is not currently CARB exempt and is not available for sale in California or for use on any vehicle registered with the California Department of Motor Vehicle. Magnum FORCE Stage-2 Cold Air Intake System w/ Pro 5R Media Dodge Diesel Trucks 13-18 L6-6.7L (td) 2013-2018 Ram 2500 (Liter: 6.7 & Cylinder: 6 & Block: L); 2013-2018 Ram 3500 (Liter: 6.7 & Cylinder: 6 & Block: L) Fitment: Ram2500Big Horn2013 Ram2500Big Horn2014 Ram2500Big Horn2015 Ram2500Big Horn2016 Ram2500Big Horn2017 Ram2500Big Horn2018 Ram2500Laramie2013 Ram2500Laramie2014 Ram2500Laramie2015 Ram2500Laramie2016 Ram2500Laramie2017 Ram2500Laramie2018 Ram2500Laramie Limited2014 Ram2500Laramie Limited2015 Ram2500Laramie Longhorn2013 Ram2500Laramie Longhorn2014 Ram2500Laramie Longhorn2015 Ram2500Laramie Longhorn2016 Ram2500Laramie Longhorn2017 Ram2500Laramie Longhorn2018 Ram2500Limited2016 Ram2500Limited2017 Ram2500Limited2018 Ram2500Lone Star2013 Ram2500Lone Star2014 Ram2500Lone Star2015 Ram2500Outdoorsman2013 Ram2500Outdoorsman2014 Ram2500Outdoorsman2015 Ram2500Outdoorsman2016 Ram2500SLT2013 Ram2500SLT2014 Ram2500SLT2015 Ram2500SLT2016 Ram2500SLT2017 Ram2500SLT2018 Ram2500ST2013 Ram2500Tradesman2013 Ram2500Tradesman2014 Ram2500Tradesman2015 Ram2500Tradesman2016 Ram2500Tradesman2017 Ram2500Tradesman2018 Ram3500Big Horn2013 Ram3500Big Horn2014 Ram3500Big Horn2015 Ram3500Big Horn2016 Ram3500Big Horn2017 Ram3500Big Horn2018 Ram3500Laramie2013 Ram3500Laramie2014 Ram3500Laramie2015 Ram3500Laramie2016 Ram3500Laramie2017 Ram3500Laramie2018 Ram3500Laramie Limited2014 Ram3500Laramie Limited2015 Ram3500Laramie Longhorn2013 Ram3500Laramie Longhorn2014 Ram3500Laramie Longhorn2015 Ram3500Laramie Longhorn2016 Ram3500Laramie Longhorn2017 Ram3500Laramie Longhorn2018 Ram3500Limited2016 Ram3500Limited2017 Ram3500Limited2018 Ram3500Lone Star2013 Ram3500Lone Star2014 Ram3500Lone Star2015 Ram3500Lone Star2017 Ram3500SLT2013 Ram3500SLT2014 Ram3500SLT2015 Ram3500SLT2016 Ram3500SLT2017 Ram3500SLT2018 Ram3500ST2013 Ram3500Tradesman2013 Ram3500Tradesman2014 Ram3500Tradesman2015 Ram3500Tradesman2016 Ram3500Tradesman2017 Ram3500Tradesman2018

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