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AEM 16-18 Honda CR-V L4-1.5L F/I DryFlow Filter

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AEM Dryflow Air Filters are washable synthetic air filters designed for an optimum combination of air flow, filtration, and performance. AEM Dryflow filters use an innovative high performance oil-free filtration material that allows easy cleaning, durable service, and excellent filtration. Replacement air filters for street vehicles come with a lifetime limited warranty. Other air filters come with a one year limited warranty. AEM Dryflow Air Filters are washable synthetic air filters designed for an optimum combination of air flow; filtration; and performance. They use an oil-free filtration material that allows easy cleaning and excellent filtration. Fitment: HondaCivicEX2017 HondaCivicEX2018 HondaCivicEX2019 HondaCivicEX2020 HondaCivicEX2021 HondaCivicEX-L2016 HondaCivicEX-L2017 HondaCivicEX-L2018 HondaCivicEX-L2019 HondaCivicEX-L2020 HondaCivicEX-L2021 HondaCivicEX-T2016 HondaCivicEX-T2017 HondaCivicEX-T2018 HondaCivicLX2017 HondaCivicLX2018 HondaCivicLX2019 HondaCivicLX2020 HondaCivicLX2021 HondaCivicSi2017 HondaCivicSi2018 HondaCivicSi2019 HondaCivicSi2020 HondaCivicSport2017 HondaCivicSport2018 HondaCivicSport2019 HondaCivicSport2020 HondaCivicSport2021 HondaCivicSport Touring2018 HondaCivicSport Touring2019 HondaCivicSport Touring2020 HondaCivicSport Touring2021 HondaCivicTouring2016 HondaCivicTouring2017 HondaCivicTouring2018 HondaCivicTouring2019 HondaCivicTouring2020 HondaCivicTouring2021 HondaCR-VEX2017 HondaCR-VEX2018 HondaCR-VEX2019 HondaCR-VEX2020 HondaCR-VEX2021 HondaCR-VEX2022 HondaCR-VEX-L2017 HondaCR-VEX-L2018 HondaCR-VEX-L2019 HondaCR-VEX-L2020 HondaCR-VEX-L2021 HondaCR-VEX-L2022 HondaCR-VHybrid Touring2020 HondaCR-VLX2020 HondaCR-VLX2021 HondaCR-VLX2022 HondaCR-VSpecial Edition2021 HondaCR-VSpecial Edition2022 HondaCR-VTouring2017 HondaCR-VTouring2018 HondaCR-VTouring2019 HondaCR-VTouring2020 HondaCR-VTouring2021 HondaCR-VTouring2022

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