A Car Enthusiast and Family Man


How long have you been working on your build? Has what you wanted changed along the way?

I bought the car brand new in 2013. Things have changed a little along the way. Over the course of the build I have learned so much about the platform as this was my first vehicle that was not a Honda so I had to learn a completely new platform.

What is your favorite modification on your car right now?

My favorite mod is a tough one, but I would say it’s either my air ride or my Corksport steering wheel.

If you could do anything to your car, what would it be?

I would really want to do a full custom interior. Some racing seats with custom stitching, matching rear seat stitching and door cards.

Form or function and why?

A bit of both honestly. I have always been heavy into aesthetics and the overall look of the car but once I started adding some power mods, I decided I wanted a car that had some power. I drive the car regularly so I didn’t want to overdo that part. I feel I have gotten the car close to where I want it power wise to not lose drivability.

What is your favorite thing to do with your car?

Attend car shows.

What or who got you into cars?

My father sparked my interest in the car world. I grew up around my dads old muscle cars. When I was 12 he built my brother and I our own junior dragster. I was hooked from that point on. My brother is 2 years younger than me and in our late teens, we had a rocky relationship but in our early 20’s we both started messing around in the tuner car scene and it really brought us a lot closer. Our relationship today is still strong and it’s all because of the bond we have with our love for cars.

If you could meet anyone in the car industry, who would it be?

This Is a tough one, there are so many I could choose from past and present. But I would have to say at this moment I’d like to meet John Force or Ken Block.

What are your plans for the future?

Plans for the future include adding some seats, and a couple smaller power mods. I have also been considering changing the color on the car but haven’t decided on that yet.

What are your other hobbies?

I love sports. I’m a huge Yankees fan, I also like the Giants and Penn State in football. I play golf throughout the summer when I’m not going to car related functions. I also love spending time with my daughter, she’s my everything and I wouldn’t change that for the world. You can catch her with me at almost every show I attend.

Some advice from Dustin:

My advice to others is to build your car for yourself. Don’t do something just because it’s the “in” thing to do. Your build of your car is a reflection of you and no one else. It’s ok to talk to people for their input but talk to knowledgeable people, don’t just take anyone’s word on social media. But, in the end build the car for yourself. Not everyone likes the same things or would do things the same way as the next guy. It’s your car, it’s your decision.

Thanks for sharing your car and yourself, we enjoyed getting to know you!

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